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I had two publishers contacting me to take over the book. I resisted the first. By the rime Blandford press contacted me I had been working 18 to 20 hour days for months and decided that I would be easier if they took over the publishing. I signed a 3 books deal and they changed the name to New Rock Record. 1981 The publishers bought a text editor, which was an electric typewriter with a disk drive to save the data. It had a small one line screen and you had to print out the page to see what was on it. The disks only stored 64K in 16 X 4k sections, which meant the data stored on hundreds of disks in small bits. A large wall chart was used to keep track of what was on which disk. A technical nightmare, But two books were produced this was 1981 and 1983 editions.

The pages in the book were directly printed from the golf ball part of the text editor onto B4 sheets, then reduced down by the printers. The American publishers Facts on File used the same pages butt put a different cover with the stupid "Every Thing you ever wanted to know " One of my first experiences of the publisher knows best.


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