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I started redesigning the routines I had used for years into a usable program to replace RockBase as a front end to the data.. I think that the data is the main reason to buy and use the CD ROM and many users agree with me.. I decided at this point that any program I produced would be free and I would charge for the work I do on collecting and sorting the data. I had most of the routines and searches already written in loads of small programs. Two problems I had to overcome were a) getting all these small programs to work together b) make it possible for users to add and change data that was stored on CD, a read only medium.

I added another large box of disks that contained American singles that I never published in a book, these were eventually merged and added to my later CD-ROM's

A few friends and customers offered to help test and try the program in it's various formats. I decided to call it RockFile As both books had FILE in the titles. I went through RockFile making beta version for a couple of friends to try out. Starting with version 1.00 up to number 2.8. So much to learn, how to make a usable set up program, How to allow users to put the program and data where they wanted on the hard disk and so on. RockFile 3 was finally released in August 1998.

I had lots of minor problems with the program and released sveral new versions for free download.

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