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By the time version 6 was ready again I had problems with the name I could not register the name RecordFile on thw web. So during the period of the version 6 I managed to find a name that was not only unique but also fitted the product. RockRom. I managed to register both the com and co.uk and net names .

The main problem with all the programs I have done up to this point is that the main data is stored on a CD ROM which cannot be changed. This means that any new or corrected data needs to be stored on the hard disk. This turn causes problems as the program has to search both sets of data and display the latest version on screen.

I have kept on experimenting with better ways to do this and version 6 was quite stable and worked well. When I wrote version 6 I also wrote a hard disk only version for my own use so that any data I added would change the main files directly.


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