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In late 1993 I was contacted by Chris Stanbury, the owner of a Small computer company (Cravenplan Computers Ltd) to let them use my database for a CD-ROM. Originally it was rock record that was going to be in the CD ROM but at my suggestion I offered what data that could be recovered from the floppies for Single file could be included. Despite the fact that they had been stored in a cupboard for about 5 years on loads of 5 1/4 floppies all but one of the disks worked. These singles were stores in a slightly different format and it took me several months to merge them into the main database. .The albums from RockRom 6 and Single File were added to Hounsome's Rockbase. It was release over 18 months after the contract started.. My database was kept in Foxpro and was imported into access 2, so that they could use a visual basic for the program. It seems that very few of this version were sold by the publisher and in the end they were remaindered. Many of my customers will remember this as they may have bought a copy from me for under a tenner.

Published on CD-ROM in 1995 by Cravenplan Computers Ltd

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