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RockBase 2 was published in 1996, by Cravenplan computers ltd, it contained approx 337,000 releases, 540,000 tracks. Basically the content of RockRecord 6 1994 and Single File 1990 again with a few item I had added.

The program was enhanced by the addition of allowing users to add new data. Much of the programming was done by Mark at channel market makers. This version was better than the first but had many changes and bug fixes in the first few months that 12 versions were released before the disks were re-stamped with the latest version on them. Version 2.12.1997 (no new data)

I did not like RockBase very much.. I sent my notice to cancel my contract with Cravenplan Computers Ltd, I stopped having any involvement with RockBase.and Cravenplan in August 1998 when I brought out my own CD -ROM Database called RockFile. I have managed to convert my Rockbase customers data for them, and will carry on doing so if the customer contacts me.

RockBase v2 was published by Cravenplan Computers and distributed by Channel Market Makers.

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