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I had to wait until 1990 until they releases the rights back to me to use the data myself. In the mean time I started seriously collecting singles data. I bought myself a PC and stored the rock Record data on to floppies for safe keeping (hard disks were still several hundred pounds for a 20mb disk) I had one disk on the 1512 Amstrad that I bought.

My family at different time all keyed a few of the lists of singles that I had collected. Beano's the record shop in Croydon contacted me and turned over a massive collection of box files that they had collected over the years.. It had around 50,000 singles with all the details that I needed. I finally finished adding data up to 1989 and published the book Single file in 1990. Just 2000 were printed and they took several years to sell out.

Not a world beater but it steady seller most by word of mouth I am still asked for copies of this book, But I only have copies in my office and they are not for sale. Most of the data saved from single File was on the RockBase CD-ROM and now of course it is on my own CD-ROM RockRom

The cover drawwings were done by Liam Wheatley

Typesetting by Terry Hounsome using typefit software and typefit .Wimborne to output the pages on film. Printed in England by Butler & tanner


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