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July 2004

RockRom 10 released


April 2004

RockRom 9.5 is the lastest version see below. I am working on some new features such as importing tracks and various tracks (to save keying in the data)

Cut and paste within the program

Also adding lots of new data if you have any new data to send in please do so soon. UYou might be in line to win a free copy of the next disk.

December 14th 2003

RockRom 9.5

An error in the mycollection print module was reported to me this week a fix is available on the download page

You can now add notes of any size to each record in the database. You can even paste in text files so that you can keep notes on your favourite artists.

All the files needed for versions 7 8 and 9 are in the download file.

Download page

October 19th 2003

RockRom 9.1.1

An error in the main print module was reported to me this week a fix is available on the download page (some record were not included in the print list) Also changed font for clarity

September 1 2003

RockRom 9 released new program more data. program now has keyboard shortcuts and some searches can be operated by function keys.

New program RockRom (Version 9)


June 22 2003

New demo program RockRom (Version 8.5) for free download


April 24 2003

New up-dated program for RockRom 7/8 program.(Version 8.5) for free download

New Help files included

It includes new features and improvements.
New Full screen mode screen with windows for tracks & musicians. New filters and improved functions.
Favourites (select and save a search for future (instant recall)
Check Boxes to add owned records (you will be able to add records in batches)

All known bugs fixed

Check out Download pages


Downloads pages moved to www.rockrom.co.uk

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