Press and Customer comments about different versions of both the book Rock Record and the Record Researcher database.

Some of these quotes go way back

A work of heart..

Absolutely untouchable in its claim to be the most comprehensive reference book of its kind

Pure Fascinating reading....

The read of the year..

This is one to add to your library.

Should be on every record collectors shopping list -

a priceless piece of scholarship

Unquestionably the best reference book of Its kind

If You're ·an album freak then you will need this encyclopedia of Rock LPs it is as comprehensive a book as you're ever likely to get an the subject

An insane and magnificent triumph

An Impressive Work

A vastly comprehensive album reference book

this book is not merely good it is indispensable

A staggering achievement

A monumental piece of research

The database is very detailed...

comprehensive it is...

a well built database containing a huge amount of information on a wide range of popular music

You can modify the database too. You can add new albums to the database and even amend the information on the main database.

One of the best musical compendiums we've seen

This has got to be the best addition to any music lover's collection

just amazing....

Fans of musical databases, rejoice..

Hard facts are what this disk's about, and it's certainly got plenty of those.

Packed with information that will enthrall the enthusiast

surprising in it's breadth. Comprehensive music database that will appeal to serious collectors.

You can search not only for groups, album and track titles, but also particular years, countries, record labels and individual musicians.

It possesses an absolute shedful of details about popular music releases from the fast and furious fifties to the boring rubbish of the modern day.

I am very pleased with the program, and I appreciate the efforts to improve and the response to comments and problems.

I am very satisfied with the product.

Very useful

keep up the good work. Thanks again .

I 'm going to spend all night with the book and the CD

(2nd) CD arrived and installed today, and the program is working!! Thank you!!!!! (faulty disk)

can you tell me how to get my husband back, I have not heard a peep from him since your book and CD arrived....


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