RockRom 10 The Ultimate Record Collection

A Comprehensive Artist, Record and Music Directory Database on a CD ROM

RockRom is the latest in a line of discography books and CD-ROM's that I have been involved with as either a contributor, author, compiler or publisher over the last 25 years

RockRom is a fully searchable comprehensive record and music database on a CD ROM containing information on about 738,000 album and single releases by over 140,000 artists and groups on over 20,000 different record labels. Most all the singles and many of the albums contain details about which of the 2,400,000 tracks In addition many albums also contain information about which musicians (1,180,000)

The new Pro Version 10 is Now available. This Version has more features and you will be able to download extra/bonus files to add to your main dates as they become available..

The records in RockRom "The Ultimate Record Collection" spans the decades from the 50's. It includes much mainstream Rock, Rock & Roll, Pop, Jazz, Reggae, Blues, Country, New World, New Age and Folk. It includes all the relevant information from both Rock Records and Single File books.

The data on this record and musician database CD-ROM has been collected by Terry Hounsome and several hundred contributors (see list of contributors).

RockRom is also a record collection management program. When a release is displayed on the screen , with one mouse click you can mark it as owned. Further details can be added to owned file at any time. If you do happen to find that a release or record is not listed you can easily add it to the database. Any new data will also show up in all the searches.

You can search for hours; you can get results for most searches, in a few seconds. You need a PC that run Windows

You name it I will probably be in the RockRom database from dozens countries from 1950.

RockRom CD ROM Features
  • Search by Artist, Album/Single Title, Track, Musician, Record Company and Catalogue number
  • Lists all the known releases, musicians and tracks for any featured Artist.or musician
  • Previous 500 searches listed to choose from
  • Discover which musicians played on which albums or what album contained a particular track
  • Tracks and musicians are shown in full searches automatically as you scroll through the records.
  • Searches are simple to use in RockRom . You only have to type part of either their first name, last name, or even a nickname, and a list of names to choose from appears
  • Quickly sort and filter the data after the search.
  • List of related searches that you can choose from including Various artist when selected. For example you can find all the known recordings by the Beatles and find that Eric Clapton Played Guitar on the Beatles White Album. You then can automatically search for artist Eric Clapton and discover that Ry Cooder played guitar on "Money & Cigarettes". You can then look at all the known recordings by Ry Cooder and discover that Jim Keltner played drums on Alamo Bay. Search for Jim Keltner as a musician and you will be shown the nearly 800 known releases that Jim has played on. One of which Is George Harrison's Concert for Bangladesh which also Include Eric Clapton and so on.
  • Add records from your own collection. RockRom is a complete record cataloguing and management package with most of the data already present.
  • All data you add will be shown in ALL the main searches.
  • View, amend, sort and print your lists.
  • Search for all the tracks in the database that match your "owned" records
  • Add other items to these "owned " records such as the price you paid, the current value, your own reference, date of purchase, and where you bought it.
  • Search for up to four musicians or artists at the same time. This is useful if you want to follow an artist through different bands or compare records by a group of musicians. For instance you can search for Spirit, Randy California, Jo Jo gunne and Jay Ferguson at the same time.






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